After a flood or fire damages your home or business, some of your irreplaceable contents such as important files, books, and other documents, may have been damaged. Is it possible to restore them? Will they ever be the same? Thanks to years of experience and training Cloud Contents is able to utilize one of the best document restoration processes out there to fully recover your treasured and sensitive documents.

document recovery Restoring Your Documents with Care

The content cleaning professionals at Cloud Contents have the capability to clean, duplicate, or reconstruct your important documents. Whether your documents are soaked with water or damaged excessive heat, our professionals have protocols and systems in place to correctly inventory, pack, and restore your documents keeping your privacy intact. All of our technicians are follow a strict confidentiality regulation.

Floods, rain, fire suppression efforts and other disasters can leave your files, books, medical records, microfilm, birth certificates, and titles soggy with water. You may think that these items are beyond repair, but you would be surprised at how many of those water logged documents Cloud Contents can recover if you contact us in a timely manner.

Documents that we are able to recover:

  • Library Books
  • Business Records
  • Court Records
  • Drawings and Paintings
  • Legal Records
  • Manuscripts
  • Medical Records
  • X-Rays
  • Transactional Records
  • And much more!

Call the Document Recovery Specialists!

When your treasured and sensitive documents are threatened by flood, fire, or any type of disaster contact the content cleaning and restoration professionals at Cloud Contents. Our primary goal is to protect and recover your content. No task it too large or small! Contact us today!