Contents Packout

When your home or office sustains damage it may be necessary to remove your belongings from your home to prevent additional damage from occurring. Our professionals will thoroughly inventory, securely package, and safely transport your items to our offsite content cleaning facility. At our facility, your items will be cleaned, deodorized, and restored.

  • Every disaster is unique and may require a specialized cleaning and restoration process. However, below are some of the steps we take when providing pack-out services:
  • We will work closely with you to determine which items can be salvaged and restored.
  • We will then document and photograph each item, ensuring that they will be┬áreturned to their original location.
  • Any items that require emergency attention will be identified before the beginning of the pack-out process.
  • Our experts will use high-quality packing materials and supplies to safely pack your items to prevent any additional damage.
  • Boxed items and furniture will be properly tagged and safely transported to our off-site facility. We will provide you with a copy of the inventory list.
  • Our experts will clean, deodorize, and restore your items. Once this process is complete, your items will be repackaged and stored in our secure, climate-controlled warehouse.
  • Your items will be safely stored in our warehouse until it is safe to transport them back to your home or office.

We use proven procedures and industry-leading technology to provide the highest quality of content cleaning and restoration services available. We are dedicated to working with you to make sure you can breathe easy while we quickly and efficiently restore and cleaning your belongings.